For the Kids


As we strongly believe in the benefit of educating our children in fire safety and prevention we have included a section just for the younger members of the family providing valuable information and great learning activities.

Please spend some time with the children on these sites and get them interested in proper safety behaviour.



Sparky the Fire Dog

Visit with Sparky the Fire Dog, have some fun and learn important things about Fire Safety and Prevention ......

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Fireman Sam

Visit Fireman Sam at the Fire Station ..........

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Fire Safety from Marty and Jett

Visit Marty and his friend Jett to learn more about fire safety and prevention...... 

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Herman the Crab

We are all aware of such natural emergencies such as big snow storms, floods, and forest fires. You and your family should always be prepared for these problems......

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Help Smokey Prevent Forest Fires

During the summer months the forests in our area can become very dry and unless we are very careful, they can catch fire. We all need to take extra care when we are out walking in the woods or camping.

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Protective Equipment for Firefighters

Firefighters work in very dangerous conditions and must be protected from injuries.

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Take a Tour of a Fire Truck

The Fire trucks you see in your community and at the scene of a fire are very expensive and contain many very important pieces of equipment that firefighters use to respond to an emergency. Take a tour of a typical truck and explore the special equipment on board.

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Electrical Safety

Every year many people are killed or injured from contact with electricity. Some of these people are kids just like you. The more you know about how electricity works, the better you can keep yourself, your friends, and your family safe!

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