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Western Shore and Municipality Recognize Volunteer Firefighter

roy_lohnesRoy Lohnes joined the Western Shore and District Fire Department in 1973.  For 37 years Roy has been a great asset to our Department.  In the past Roy has held the position of Safety Officer, 1st and 2nd Engineer but truly enjoys just being a firefighter...helping where he can.

Roy is always ready to lend a helping hand getting ready for our Annual Garden Party in August.  He is there to build /repair the booths or to fix any small repairs at the Hall and to man the radio at our station during fire calls.  Roy lends a helping hand with a smile where needed, even though he sometimes finds it difficult to get around, he pushes through showing his dedication to the Western Shore & District Fire Department.

During all of his years in our small community, Roy has been a volunteer such as starting an all boys group for the Bethel Mission Church in Martin's Point.  We would like to thank Roy for his many years of service and hope to see him continue to teach the younger generation about dedication to community.  On behalf of the Western Shore and District Fire Department and the Municipality of the District of Chester, we extend congratulations to Roy Lohnes, our Volunteer for 2011.


New Pumper 631 For Chester Basin

After over two years of planning and very hard work the Chester Basin Volunteer Fire Department has officially put their new pumper Unit 631 in service. Unit 631 is a 2011 Spartan Furion with a custom built Metalfab body. It has a 1250 Waterous pump and carries 1000 gallons of water on board. This first out pumper carries a crew of 6 firefighters.



The new Unit 631 was officially brought into service at the Department open house held on April 2, 2011. The Department officially dedicated the new truck in the name of Sylvia Webber. Sylvia is an honorary member of the Chester Basin Volunteer Fire Department who has worked very hard on fund raising events for the Department. It was announced at the open house that Sylvia has raised over $90,000, an outstanding contribution.

The new pumper replaces the 1980 Mack pumper that had served the department well over the past years. 



( Photo; L to R Chief Cody Stevens and  Honorary Member Sylvia Webber cut the ribbon bringing the new Unit 631 into service. MLA Denise Peterson-Rafuse, Commission Chairperson Bruce Brophy and Lieutenant Engine Kyle Swinimer assisted )


Potentially Serious Fire Stopped

The Chester Volunteer Fire Department took quick action in controlling a fire on the Corkum property in Robinsons Corner.  There was no major structural damage. More importantly there were no injuries.

Ivan Corkum, whose son owns the property in question said that the quick response by the fire department saved the property and they owe them a lot of  thanks.

Initially the fire was considered dangerous and the Chester Fire Department decided to bring in its mutual aid departments from Chester Basin and Western Shore. They did also put in a call as to the availability of the DNR water carrier helicopter.  Deputy Chief David Richardson took the precaution of putting the residents on Wake Up Hill Road on potential evacuation notice should it spread too quickly.

Mr. Corkum said it was the neighbors who first noticed the fire and called it in. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined.


Fire at Gun Club

On Friday evening, October 8  at approximately 11:00 pm the Chester Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Captain Kidd Rod and Gun Club in East Chester. The structure was fully involved when the Fire Department arrived. Crews from the Chester Basin Fire Department assisted at the scene. The 63 year old structure was unfortunately lost. There were no injuries. 


Volunteer Firefighter Appreciation

At a reception and dinner held on October 1, 2010 at the Atlantica Hotel and Oak Island Marina, volunteer firefighters, medical first responders, and fire department support members of the seven Fire Departments of The Municipality of the District of Chester were recognized and thanked for their selfless dedication and invaluable service to the community. This was the third annual recognition dinner honoring the efforts of our volunteer first responders.

Fire Department members from Blandford, Chester, Chester Basin, New Ross, Hubbards, Martin River and Western Shore attended and were honored for their dedication to the community's emergency response services. There are currently over 200 men and women who serve as first responders in our District, all of whom put in many hours each month in training and emergency response.

The recognition event was co-sponsored by Denise Peterson-Rafuse, MLA for Chester and St. Margaret's Bay, The Municipality of the District of Chester, The Chester Municipal Chamber of Commerce, The Aspotogan Heritage Trust and Atlantica Hotel and The Oak Island Marina. Many local area businesses and the Chester Village Commission also contributed to the recognition dinner.

Matthew MacKenzie, General Manager of the Atlantica Hotel and Oak Island Marina, welcomed all the fire department members and invited guests. He stressed his true appreciation of the volunteer emergency services in protecting our lives and properties.

Denise Peterson-Rafuse thanked the firefighters for their dedication in serving their community, saving lives and protecting our homes, property and businesses. She was clear to point out that the men and women of our emergency services put their lives on the line for us each day and that all of this hard work is done on a volunteer basis. She offered her assistance as an advocate to provide ongoing support and assistance to the fire departments.

Erin Beaudin, CAO, Municipality of the District of Chester, followed with her appreciation of all the members of the departments. She stressed that the Municipality is working closely with the departments to ensure that they have the support they need. Erin mentioned the additional work that all Departmenst were doing during the Fire Prevention Week, October 3-9, 2010.

Denise and Erin then presented a plaque to each of the Fire Departments to recognize their dedication and ongoing support to the community.

Erin spoke further on her appreciation of the support that the family members give to the first responders. Every hour that they spend at an emergency scene or at the firehall is an hour away from their familiies. Without the support of the family members the role of the first responder whould be much more diffcult if not impossible.

The Fire Chiefs of all Departmenst were asked to rejoin Erin for the presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation for the Families. This certificate will be posted at each Fire Hall.

A donation to the IWK Burn Unit in the name of each seven departments will be made in October.

Everyone attending enjoyed the reception and dinner and appreciated the recognition of the ongoing efforts and community service.


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