Safe Grad At Forest Heights June 3, 2013



On June 3, 2013 the Chester Basin Volunteer Fire Department conducted a simulated emergency response to a two vehicle motor vehicle accident as part of the Safe Grad events at the Forest Height Community School. Approximately 100 Grade 12 students participated and had the opportunity of observing our firefighters triage the victims, stabilize the vehicle and then extricate the patients trapped in the vehicle. Hydraulic cutters and spreaders were used to cut the vehicle's posts allowing access to the patients. A very dramatic moment of the exercise and one which really struck home with all, was the removal of the " fatalities " in body bags. The RCMP made a point to "arrest " the impaired driver and took her away in handcuffs.

Wendy Rafuse of the Chester Basin Fire Department made an excellent presentation on the deadly reprecussions of driving while impaired due to alcohol or drugs. Two representatives of MADD had very tragic and personal stories concerning deaths in their own families resulting from impaired drivers. A very moving video conveyed the serious impact this criminal behavior has on us. The RCMP discussed the criminality and penalties of impaired driving and related some shocking statistics on the scope of the problem.

Members from the Chester Volunteer Fire Department and representatives of the Municipality of the District of Chester assisted in this important safety event. Several of the graduating students participated as the victims. Paramedics from EHS kindly assisted in patient care and transport.

The Safe Grad representatives for the Forest Heights Community School expressed their sincere appreciation for the presentations and demonstrations and the important safety messages for the graduating students.

Thanks to all for their great efforts at this important event. Please visit the Chester Basin Photogallery at for more photos of the safe grad event. The presentation made to the students is available at the following link. Safe Grad 2013