Western Shore Dedicates Monument


On November 26, 2011 members of the Western Shore Fire Commission and Department officially dedicated their new monument in honor of past members and their many years of dedicated service to the Western Shore Volunteer Fire Department and the community it serves. Opening remarks were given by Rev. Andrew Shute. Chief Terry Zwicker, Deputy Chief Ira Sawler and Councilor Robert Myra assisted with opening remarks thanking those who had worked so hard for the Department  over the many years since its founding in 1957.

Rev. Paul Findley offered a prayer for the past members. He also read out the firefighters prayer for our current volunteers. Many community members attended the dedication in appreciation of  the years of volunteer service to the community. The monument inscription reads sincerely  “ Dedicated in honor of those who have given service to the Western Shore Fire Department ”. The monument is the result of several years of planning, hard work, community donations and fund raising by the Fire Department and the past Ladies Auxiliary.