Appreciation Dinner for our Volunteer Firefighters


At a reception and dinner held on November 7, 2011 at the Atlantica Hotel and Oak Island Marina, volunteer firefighters, medical first responders, and fire department support members of the seven Fire Departments of The Municipality of the District of Chester were recognized and thanked for their selfless dedication and invaluable service to the community. This was the third annual recognition dinner honoring the efforts of our volunteer first responders.

Fire Department members from Blandford, Chester, Chester Basin, New Ross, Hubbards, Martin River and Western Shore attended and were honored for their dedication to the community's emergency response services. There are currently over 200 men and women who serve as first responders in our District, all of whom put in many hours each month in training and emergency response.

The recognition event was co-sponsored by Denise Peterson-Rafuse, MLA for Chester and St. Margaret's Bay, The Municipality of the District of Chester,The Aspotogan Heritage Trust and Atlantica Hotel and Oak Island Marina. The Chester Village Commission and many local area businesses also contributed to the recognition dinner.

Denise Peterson-Rafuse thanked the firefighters for their dedication in serving their community, saving lives and protecting our homes, property and businesses. She offered her assistance as an advocate to provide ongoing support and assistance to the fire departments.

Allen Webber, Warden, Municipality of the District of Chester, followed with her appreciation of all the members of the departments. He pointed out that the men and women of our emergency services put their lives on the line for us each day and that all of this hard work is done on a volunteer basis.

Floyd, Councillor for District 2, Warden, Municipality of the District of Chester, then had some further kind words of appreciation and thanks to the fire services in the District. He pointed out what a reassuring feeling it was to know that there would be somone quickly responding to a person in an emergency. 

Denise, Allen and Floyd then presented a Certificate of Appreciation signed by MLA Peterson-Rafuse and the Municiaplity, to each Department, recognizing their dedication and ongoing support to the community.

The Municipality and each Department jointly presented a Certificate of Family Appreciation, in recognition and appreciation of the support that the family members give to the first responders. Every hour that they spend at an emergency scene or at the firehall is an hour away from their familiies. Without the support of the family members the role of the first responder whould be much more diffcult if not impossible. 

A donation to the IWK Burn Unit in the name of each seven departments will be made in October.

Everyone attending enjoyed the reception and dinner and appreciated the recognition of the ongoing efforts and community service.