Stevensville 2, October 23, 2011


On Sunday, October 23, 2011 our seven district Fire Departments participated in a mutual aid fire practice named Operation Stevensville 2. 

DSCF1015The scope of Operation Stevensville 2, included a multi-department paged emergency response to a reported structure fire located Marriott's Cove.  

The objective of this scenario based practice was to continue the training our volunteer firefighters on setting up and executing commands involved in search and rescue, initial structural attack, cascade operations and firefighter rehab. Another critical objective was to practice our mutual aid response capability and joint incident command.



The seven Departments also demonstrated their ability to provide sufficient supplies of water from more remote locations in the Municipality, in this case, over 10 km away, from Millet's pond on Highway 12 in Chester Grant. DSCF1010

The department water tankers hauled over 67,000 gallons of water and the department attack pumpers flowed in excess of 500 gallons per minute for nearly two hours.  DSCF1013






The Departments will receive a Superior Water Shuttle certification from Fire Underwriters.



We were also very pleased to see our fellow firefighters from the Town of Bridgewater on the practice scene. They kindly set up and demonstrated the operations of  their Ladder 2 aerial apparatus. 

All seven departments participated with apparatus and personnel. We had great participation as approximately 70 of our members joined into the training. We also had participation from other support agencies such as EHS, REMO, RCMP and NS Public Service.

More photos of the mutual aid practice can be found in the Photo Galleries of the department web pages.