Western Shore and Municipality Recognize Volunteer Firefighter


roy_lohnesRoy Lohnes joined the Western Shore and District Fire Department in 1973.  For 37 years Roy has been a great asset to our Department.  In the past Roy has held the position of Safety Officer, 1st and 2nd Engineer but truly enjoys just being a firefighter...helping where he can.

Roy is always ready to lend a helping hand getting ready for our Annual Garden Party in August.  He is there to build /repair the booths or to fix any small repairs at the Hall and to man the radio at our station during fire calls.  Roy lends a helping hand with a smile where needed, even though he sometimes finds it difficult to get around, he pushes through showing his dedication to the Western Shore & District Fire Department.

During all of his years in our small community, Roy has been a volunteer such as starting an all boys group for the Bethel Mission Church in Martin's Point.  We would like to thank Roy for his many years of service and hope to see him continue to teach the younger generation about dedication to community.  On behalf of the Western Shore and District Fire Department and the Municipality of the District of Chester, we extend congratulations to Roy Lohnes, our Volunteer for 2011.